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In this section we want to explain you how onboard live is organized and some others issues that you have to bear in mind when you are going to spend some days in a sailing boat.

Normally, you carry more luggage than you use during the sailing period. For that reason, try to reduce it. T-shirts and swimming costumes are essential. You should also take some jumpers or jackets for the chats on the deck during the nights. In general, try to choose light and cool clothes. As to shoes, normally you anchor barefoot, but if you prefer to wear any shoes to walk on the deck during the manoeuvres you should choose nautical shoes (those with white soles) in order to protect the deck. Apart from that, trainers and sandals are the most common type of shoes. It is important to bring canvas suitcases (as a holdall) and not rigid ones in order to fold them up when they are empty and keep them easily I a wardrobe while you are onboard.

As to food, try to bring fresh food like vegetables, salads, cold meat and so on. You should not forget to bring some tinned food, rice, pasta, meat, pizzas, fruit, bread, pastries, biscuits, etc.

You will spend so much time on the deck where there will be people having a bath, reading and sunbathing. You can bring some snacks (chips, olives, etc.) as if you were on the beach. Having a fresh beer and some chips is always welcomed after a dip.
As to the dinner, you can cook hot dishes taking advantage of the evenings on the deck while we are having a rest anchored on the pleasant waters of some heavenly holds.

It is highly recommended to buy plastic cans for your drinks, so they will not be broken. Alcoholic drinks will be kept in another place. The rest of your drinks could be some milk, soft-drinks, beer, tea, etc. However, you will be able to buy whatever you need if we stop at any port.

We also have diving goggles and flippers. But you have to bring some towels and cream to protect you against the Sun.

And finally, just sail and have a great time!